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The Terrorist attack on Mumbai has came to an end after 62 hours continous fight between the NSG and the terrorists.Yesterday,the Operations in Oberoi and Nariman House has been cleared and the terrorists who holed up inside these places have been shot dead.It was a difficult task for the NSG to capture the Taj hotel.There was continous gunshots and explosions in Taj.But finally today moprning it was allover and the only terroirist inside Taj has been killed.Now the mopping operation is going on.Finally all the operatioons are over.Two commondos has been killed and the nation salutes the martyrs.These brave people have shown their courage and dedication towards nation and the people.

The NSG chief has said that the,Terroists seems to be very familiar with the Hotel and they were easily moving here and there inside the hotel.This attack on Mumbai is said to be mere intelligence failure.The security on the waters are to be increased.

It has been clearly said that the Pakistan has clear hand in this terror attack.The Centre has to take proactive measures to curb such attacks on nation.

The whole setup has to be changed.


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It may be the dark day for India.Terrorists strike Mumbai on one hand,on the other the former Prime Minister Of India V.P.Singh has passed away.Mr.Singh was the person who fought the reservation of the backward classes and achieved in that.A very big fighter.In his whole public life he has provided the maximum efforts to Congress and India.

A very good friend of TN CM Karunanidhi..Let his soul rest in peace.

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The fued between the Maran family and the Dmk Cheif Karunanidhi has exploded last year and because of this the high profile minister Dayanidhi maran has to resign his Cabinet post.The DMK high comittee also decided to take Maran’s name from the DMK party list.From that on, the misunderstanding boomed.


After this issue ,the Maran’s Suntv has started to go neutral and evenly did against the DMK party.Because of this the Kalaignar Tv came out and started to telecast party related news.So it started like this.

After a year, now the DMK chief and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has said the reason why he ignored Maran.

Mr.Karunanidhi has spoken about this issue in sensational manner that, he never thought that the two people(marans) holding his hands calling him grandpa,will rise against him and his party.He mentioned the reason why he ignored the marans as they didnot follow the advise what karunanidhi gave them in past.Karunanidhi had asked Maran earlier that, not to publish the survey which has been taken on the next heir of Karunanidhi.

In that survey it has been given that there is only 2 percent chance for Azhagiri and Kanimozhi to become Chief Minister after Karunanidhi.Because of this the Dinakaran Office in Madurai has been attacked and two people were killed.

Now karunanidhi has said that,when there was no attempt for Azhagiri and Kanimozhi to become as CM, i told Maran not to publish the survey in newspaper.But not taking my advice, they did.This made me to turn up against them.This was the statement by Karunanidhi.Also it has been said the nearly 10 percent of Karunanidhi’s share in SunTV has been sold out without his knowledge.Even this could have made him to ignore Maran’s.But the issue on shares is not a concrete one.

Even though all this happening Dayanidhi Maran is still representing the Member of Parliament as a DMK member.Some days or other this family feud will be solved.Hope the Chief Minister of TamilNadu will take an important decision on Maran’s in near future.

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India is one of the countries against the terrorism and urges the world to fight against the terrorism and extremists.

For the past three months the whole India is suffereing from the terrorist attack and serial bomb blasts and kills many.After Bangalore,Jaipur,Ahmedabad,Srinagar it is now in Assam.Today serial blasts occured in Guwahati,Assam and many killed in this attack.Atleast 50 killed and more than 300 were injured.The explosion took place in the busy areas and the during the busy hours.There were 13 blasts in a space of 10 minutes.The whole place was blood and people were running here and there seeking for help.

Immediately after one hour of the explosion people started to involve in riots and attack on fire services and the buses were held.The government imposed curfew in the explosiion occured places and security has been beefed up all over the place.The whole India condemned this attack and no organisation till now took responsibility for this attack.

The oppostion leader L.K.Advani said that the attack could be done by the Bangladeshi militants.In the mean time the chinese embassy has said that china is not interfering in the internal affairs of India and they are not training any organisations in the north eastern India.

Whomever may be involved in the attack, they are just coward.If their motive is against the government,then they should face the government directly and should not involve in killing of innocent people.

Even many people are suspecting that this could be a political attack, which could be an alternate method to turn the attention of people.However,this attack is strongly condemned and immediate action should be taken.Rescue operations are underway.

Because of this attack,in the pilgrimage places and embassies security alert is high and more police protection has been given.High alert in Tirupati.

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Mumbai is turning out to be  unsafe place to reside for the north indians.The recent protests made by Raj Thackeray against the North Indians, proved that there is some danger waiting for the North Indians.Raj Thackeray has been arrested recently for his sedition charges and for provoking riots in Mumbai.

But now a fresh trouble.The youngster called Rahul Raj from Patna  has been shot down by the Mumbai police for an attempt to hijack the Metro bus.The youngster is from Bihar and he had a pistol with his hand.According to the witness it has been said that the youngster hijacked the bus and he wanted the Mumbai Police commisioner to address him.Actually the target for Rahul is not the innocent people but it was the people who are provoking the attacks against the North Indians especially the on the Bihari’s.The youngster in the captured video was saying that he needs a mobile phone to call up the Mumbai Police commisioner.But unfortunately Mumbai made a firing against him and Rahul was shot down at the spot itself.According to the Mumbai police reports,Rahul made a back fire on the police and the police had no other option except to shoot him.In the encounter one civilian and the Bus conductor was injured.

Because of this encounter on the youngster, Lalu Prasad and Nithish Kumar have made a complaint to the PrimeMinister regarding this issue and requested him to take necessary action.Lalu Prasad has said that Rahul is an innocent and he should have been arrested instead of killing him.Nithish Kumar also urged that Rahul should haven’t been gunned down.Earlier the Bihar CM has already got the appointment with the PrimeMinister , regarding the Bihari’s being attacked in Mumbai

PrimeMinister assured the Railway Minister Lalu Prasad and the Chief Minister of Bihar Nithish Kumar, that the issue will be looked upon and the necessary action will be taken if found guilty and also made assurance that no more north Indians will be attacked in Mumbai. 

Is it really Mumbai becoming unsafe for the North Indians to reside over there and to do business?.It should be understood that India is a democratic country and a well unified one.No one can seperate the Indian soil and there is none to own this country.All these shaggy things are coming from the ditch called politics and for the publicity.It is in the hands of the Youngsters to clean up the ditch and to make the ditch into a pond with lucid water.

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The Mahastraian and the MNS chief Raj Thackeray has been arrested today as the Ahmedabad high court ordered for a arrest warrant against him.According to reports, Raj Thackeray is likely to be brought to Mumbai in a few hours and produced in Bandra court on Tuesday. A case has been registered against Raj Thackeray and his supporters at a North-West suburban police station of Kharwadi. 

The warrant of arrest was issued by a court on September 30 in a case filed by advocate Amit Kumar against Thackeray for hurting religious sentiments of north Indians by making derogatory remarks about Chhath festival. The petition, filed on February 2, 2008, quoted Thackeray as describing Chhath as “a drama”. 

MNS chief Raj Thackeray has moved Jharkhand High Court seeking a stay on a non-bailable arrest warrant issued by a court in Jamshedpur. The High Court in Ranchi has posted the matter for hearing on October 25, his lawyer Akhilesh Choub.

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