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It was India’s greatest milestones in Space Research since the First Indian made satellite and probe has been launched into the moon successfully.Now the images and the video from the probe moon impact has been received and ISRO says that everything is working in a proper manner.


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The first Indian made rocket to is about to launch in moon by tommorrow.This will be great achievement in India’s space research field.

The final 49 hr countdown for the take off India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) which will put Chandrayaan-I into orbit began around 5:30 am on Monday two day before the launch from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.The launch is scheduled at 6:22 am Tomorrow,(oct 22).”The countdown is going on smoothly.The countdown involves a lot of activities and continuous operation, in which 100 of people work simultaneously.These activities and operations will by synchronised and linked to the common time” Dr Prasad, Associate Director ISRO.

                 The Indian space Research Organisation said the countdown activities are always optimised.Since Chandrayaan-I is a rainproof vehicle there is no real big issue in launching the Vehicle. But is feared of lightining and the electric charges in the clouds.This is the first time that ISRO is sending a Spacecraft to moon which is 3.84 lakhs kms away from earth.It is a complex mission because ISRO has to continuously communicate with the Space craft inorder to get the signals in a perfect way and so as to make sure that it gets the orbit, the right way.

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A team of scientists discovered that , world’s first dog lived 31,700 years ago and also stated that it most resembled the Siberian husky (as the one shown here). The researchers also stated that it was some what larger , it can be comparable with larger shepherd. This dog was a large and toothy canine . It subsisted on a diet of horse, musk ox and reindeer. The second oldest dog is found at Russia which was lived 14,000 ago. Congratulations to the scientist team , extremely great discovery.

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