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The women is compared to the god in real life (GIRL).But still the harasment  against the women is prevailing in India since Independence.Another worrying incident against the women society has occured in the Capital of India,Delhi.

A five year old girl baby has been thrown out of the car by their parents on the road.Such a arrogant occurance.The parents of the child does not deserve to live on the earth.The child has been wrapped up in a black cloth and thrown out of a white maruti van on road in Gole market, said the pavement dweller.She was the one who took the child from the road and informed to police.

It has been said that the stray dogs were trying to maul the cloth but fortunately the pavement dweller and her daughter Mona took the baby out of the cloth and made the girl baby in safe.

The infant has been taken to the hospital and the doctors reported that the baby is in safer condition.An NGO in gole market Udayan is taking care of the infant.The police has filed the case and finding out the infant’s parents.

These kind of activities should be strongly condemned and the people who all involved in this should be punished in  such a way that their punishment should become a lesson to others.

It is unfortunate that this is the fourth incident in Delhi in this month.The continuing isolation of Girl infants has to be noticed and awareness programmes should be done inorder to prevent such activities.

No Women ,No World.


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A teenager has been found dead in Florida and his death was in live through online webcam.

Abraham Biggs 19 year old teen from florida committed suicide after writing a post about his plan to kill himself.The reports are saying that the 19 year old Abraham has taken the combination of medicine for depressants which will be treated for insomania which is considered to be toxic.

He made his death as a live video show and he put up the show in a body building website.Many were watching the show and when he came on to live, the attention of the people went up there.Many people tried to talk to him and others were debating about his intake of dosage.Crane the medical officer who investigated the death one, has said that the dosage was heavy that killed him.

While many were watching the show, a moderator somehow located the place of Abraham and informed the police.Before police could reach there,Abraham was found dead in his bed.It was a tragedy for the youngster.The investigations are going on to find the reason why he committed suicide.

Hope these kind of suicidal activities will not happen any more among the youngsters for silly reasons.

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The Tamil SuperStar Rajinikanth is in media for the past one month.The Actor who is going to turn 58 on December 12 said to his fans that not to celebrate his Birthday on that day as a reason for Srilankan Tamils issue.The Actor today addressed the media and said that he regrets for the attack on the Tamils in Srilanka and as a sign of opposition to it he expressed that he will not celebrate his birthday this year and also said his fans , not to celebrate the birthday.According to Sudhakar, the person who is incharge of current Rajinkanth Fans Association has said that, this year there will not be any birthday celebration on December 12.

Before this Actor Kamalhassan didnot celebrated his birthday which was on November 7th.It is nice to see that everybody in TamilNadu are supporting in this Srilankan issue.The only problem is the Srilankan Government is still not taking any measures to stop the war on Tamils.They will definitely remorse for this.

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The proverb what I learnt in my school days was ” the Law makers should not be the Law breakers”. But now everything is completely upside down.Today in Chennai Law college located in Parry’s near Chennai High Court, turned into ugly because of a clash between the Law college students.The Law college students were been involved in brutal attack on each other with the sticks and stones.

It has been said that two days before already there was a clash between the two groups.Today this is tit for tat , and people who got attacked two days before took the revenge and attacked the other students unhumanly.A student was dragged and beaten up cruelly by two to three persons with logs.The student who got beating went unconsious and even then they haven’t stopped.Continous beatings and probably at the moment he must be in intensive care unit.Even many were attacked.The whole campus turned like a battle field and most worst thing was the police, watching all these things and did not involved in stopping them.Many were injured in this and finally at one stage everything has been stopped and like in Tamil Cinema, the Police came atlast and imposed a curfew in the campus.

Are these students who are going to be in the stage of justice? Are they going to fight for justice? These questions cannot be answered.The people who involved in the riot are not fit for lawyers and they immediately barred from the college as well as should be convicted.As an example, they should be issued an ordered of not entering into any of the Law colleges in India.

The future of Law is really bad and these people will really bring down the justice and will involve in anything if they want.So the Tamil Nadu Government should take necessary action against the students who involved in this issue without considering mercy on them.These people are not needed for the society where Law is important.

Youngster’s should take India up and not down…Law is should not be the same for all..,

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The bihar youngster Rahul Raj killed before two weeks in an police encounter for attempting to hijack a bus in Mumbai.Rahul raj has been burtally killed and many conspiracies are left behind the encounter.Immediately after he has been killed the Bihar CM and Railway Minister Lalu Prasad condemned the killing of Rahul.Lalu and all the MP’s MLA’s made protests demanding Raj Thackeray’s arrest.Many are saying that because of the provocation made by Raj Thackeray on the Marathi issue, all the problems started to occur in Mumbai.

Now the postmortem report of Rahul has been out.According to the early reports it has been said that Rahul has been shot from a close range.But now the doctor says that the shot was from long.These statements contradicts and leading to the conspiracy behind the encounter.Whatever might be, a youngster has been made a scapegoat for the political arena.Something has to be done.Deep condolence to Rahul raj’s family.He is not an extremist, but wanted to tell his views on the Marathi and North Indian  issue by handling in a different way.(Rang de basanti)

Does our throat will be cut down when we raise our voice against the politicians? Is this the real happening in India.

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Everything should be one only upto a limit.More than the limit might put you into danger.This post is regarding the working hours that is prevailing over in India. According to the Indian Constitution the working hours for an employee is only 8 hours and for a month totally 160 hours.So the monthly salary is based upon this only.Any work done after this is considered to be Over time and a special pay will be given to them.

The regularity in working hours prevailing in Other countries are completely different.The staffs will get out of the office immediately after working for 8 hours.This usually happens in United states and European nations.The employees will be punctual in everything and they work only for the salary what their company will give and not more than that.

But in India it is completely different,only the Government offices are following the regularities of labour act and employees welfare.The government servants in India will work only for eight hours per day.Anything more than that will have to be paid.But it is not with the private concerns.You should work in the office until you finish your work.If not you will be pressurized and finally resulting in firing from the office.Even my brother is experiencing the same.He works in a MNC company as Deputy Manager.Hope you would know what kind of job a deputy manager could have.Many would think that its the easiest thing to do and a job without any stress.But it is not so.My Bro leaves home by 7.30 am and comes home after 9.30 pm.Moreover he goes to office on saturdays also.If more work has to be done then he will go on sundays also.Really working for more than his salary.Never finds time interact with our family.Like this many people are dying for their work and sitting in office without thinking about their family.

In many IT companies this is the situation, since the work will be more they have to stay even after 11 pm also.This will lead them to stressful mind.Even couples staying away from each other,which will definitely lead to family problems.

The government should take a note on this and the regulations on the working hours should be regulated strictly and effectively.

Let us live with free mind.

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One person was killed and at least 9 were injured after a section of under-construction flyover for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) flyover collapsed in East Delhi’s Shakarpur area early on Sunday.

“One died and 9 are injured in the accident. Two have been admitted in LNJP and remaining seven in an MCD hospital in Karkardooma. Both the roads have been blocked after the accident. One way will be opened within two hours from now. And the second will take time to be cleared,” CPRO, DMRC, Anuj Dayal said.


Metro workers were lifting some metal structures and concrete slabs with the help of a crane when a 150-metre-long stretch of the Noida-Indraprastha bridge of the Metro Rail collapsed on a blueline bus that was plying on route number 39, police sources said.

The front part of the bus received the maximum damage and its driver Surinder, 28, died on the spot. The number of passengers could not be immediately confirmed.

“The bus driver died on the spot,” Anuj Dayal said.

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