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As another victim of economic recession the Dunlop factory in WestBengal has announced that there will be an indefinite shutdown period for the company since they are losing the way to profit.The people from administration side said that the 1200 employees working in the factory have been asked to leave the factory and it is been said that they will be intimated for a comeback.

The production has been shut down for indefinite period and hope the date could come soon for a reopening.A week before, the Tata Motors also announced for a shut down and this says that slowly the auto industry is also facing the crisis since the exports are been reduced and there also been a drastic cuttoff in domestic sales.

Not Tata and Dunlop alone, many companies have decided to shut down their production for some days since they will be hit by the crisis severly.Even Ford has the plans to shut down its production, but according to the reports the reason for the civil works inside the factory.

However after the IT majors it is now the Auto Industry facing the crisis.According to recent reports the industry growth in Automobile sector have slowed down when compared to the previous year.


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