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Aamir khan’s new film Ghajini, a remake of Tamil film has been released.The movie is fantastic and both Aamir and Asin’s performance was really amazing in the screen.To dowload the movie, please click on the link given below…

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Finally its time for prime show.Ghajini has been released.Aamir Khan’s Ghajini is a remake of Tamil film Ghajini starred by Surya.The film is really good and there is a lot of change from the Tamil film.

Aamir’s look as a Mobile Company owner is really fantastic and no words to describe Asin.She is brilliant.Her performance showed that she has got lot of talent in her in this short period of film Industry experience.

If you ask about the movie, it rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Better dont trust the reviews, go and watch the movie.You will find it good.

Ohio Ghajini ohio Ghajini..ohi ohi ooooo…

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