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The economy around the world is in bad situation.Moreover the Aviation Industry all around the world is getting worst everyday.As a lead to this the Kingfisher Airlines has made a salary cut to its 50 trainees in as pilot.After this salary cut,the Jet Airways has now announced that there will be 10 percent reduction in the salary for junior pilots and for the employees in maintenance side.Around 2000 employees are getting one lakh as salary.

The renumeration of the pilots here in JetAirways is said to be higher and now this will be reduced considerably.

According to aviation analysts, Jet Airways, which posted losses to the tune of Rs 384 crore in Q2 of the current financial year, is likely to post a net loss of Rs 1,890 crore in 2008-09.

Many aviation industries are involving in cost cutting strategies and layoffs.There may be more news related to cutting the expenses down from the aviation industries in near future.


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