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The Terrorist attack on Mumbai has came to an end after 62 hours continous fight between the NSG and the terrorists.Yesterday,the Operations in Oberoi and Nariman House has been cleared and the terrorists who holed up inside these places have been shot dead.It was a difficult task for the NSG to capture the Taj hotel.There was continous gunshots and explosions in Taj.But finally today moprning it was allover and the only terroirist inside Taj has been killed.Now the mopping operation is going on.Finally all the operatioons are over.Two commondos has been killed and the nation salutes the martyrs.These brave people have shown their courage and dedication towards nation and the people.

The NSG chief has said that the,Terroists seems to be very familiar with the Hotel and they were easily moving here and there inside the hotel.This attack on Mumbai is said to be mere intelligence failure.The security on the waters are to be increased.

It has been clearly said that the Pakistan has clear hand in this terror attack.The Centre has to take proactive measures to curb such attacks on nation.

The whole setup has to be changed.


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