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The world is in thirst of peace.Bomb blasts everywhere around the world making our lives unsecured one.As this is going on, an heartbreaking incident happened in Guatemala.The most popular country of riots.The famous country for riots in south America,Guatemala has got another gruesome riot in its prison.According to the reports there was a clash between the two groups in the prison and serious clash broke out between the inmates itself.In this riot 7 prisoners head were been chopped off by the other group and their bodies were burnt.The chopped head were kept on and a prisoner kicked off the head like a ball.The video was taken lively and it was heartbreaking.
It is said that Guatemala is the place where most number of riots happen.The prisoners were being mostly convicted in the smuggling and drug handling cases.The way the people involved in this issue was really wild as if they dont have six senses.They are compared to the animals and they dont deserve to be in prison.They should be hanged until death.something has to be done.
The prison is to change the mind of the accused ones and to have a disciplined life.But these activities seems that, the prisoners are very liberal inside the prison and the well equipped police personnel could not take action these people.
We are humans and not animals.Ecology is a balanced one,and no animal kills it’s race.The humans are the only living being kills their race just for their individual satisfication.

Lets pray for peace around the globe…


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