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Finally the word of Cuban Former President Fidel Castro comes true.The attack planned on the black nominee for the President of US-Obama has been prevented and the reason for the plan of assasination is the racial discrimination.FBI cracked down the two youngsters who involved in this and both of them were planning to kill Obama since they dont want an African Orgin to be the President of United States.The racial row started again and the FBI somehow managed to crack down this,if not then there might be huge chaos in United States.

Federal authorities in Tennessee have announced that they had arrested two alleged White supremacists who were Reported to killing the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Daniel Cowart (20) of Bells and Paul Schlesselman (18) of West Helena, were charged in US District Court in Tennessee, with the illegal possession of a sawed off shotgun. Federal agents said they broke up plans to rob a gun store and were convicted. In a report it was said they tried to shoot 88 Black students. Source said they planned a attempt assassination against Obama.But Authorities could not describe how the plot was handled. The suspects also sought to go on a national killing spree, with Obama as its final target.


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