Naan kadavul ,Directed by BALA ,Starring POOJA as female lead and AARYAA as male lead.Vaali has written a sanskrit song in this movie .The song have came out very well and this will be a turning point in Aaryaa ’s film life. We all hope for the sucess of this film.

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Aamir khan’s new film Ghajini, a remake of Tamil film has been released.The movie is fantastic and both Aamir and Asin’s performance was really amazing in the screen.To dowload the movie, please click on the link given below…

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Finally its time for prime show.Ghajini has been released.Aamir Khan’s Ghajini is a remake of Tamil film Ghajini starred by Surya.The film is really good and there is a lot of change from the Tamil film.

Aamir’s look as a Mobile Company owner is really fantastic and no words to describe Asin.She is brilliant.Her performance showed that she has got lot of talent in her in this short period of film Industry experience.

If you ask about the movie, it rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Better dont trust the reviews, go and watch the movie.You will find it good.

Ohio Ghajini ohio Ghajini..ohi ohi ooooo…


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The Terrorist attack on Mumbai has came to an end after 62 hours continous fight between the NSG and the terrorists.Yesterday,the Operations in Oberoi and Nariman House has been cleared and the terrorists who holed up inside these places have been shot dead.It was a difficult task for the NSG to capture the Taj hotel.There was continous gunshots and explosions in Taj.But finally today moprning it was allover and the only terroirist inside Taj has been killed.Now the mopping operation is going on.Finally all the operatioons are over.Two commondos has been killed and the nation salutes the martyrs.These brave people have shown their courage and dedication towards nation and the people.

The NSG chief has said that the,Terroists seems to be very familiar with the Hotel and they were easily moving here and there inside the hotel.This attack on Mumbai is said to be mere intelligence failure.The security on the waters are to be increased.

It has been clearly said that the Pakistan has clear hand in this terror attack.The Centre has to take proactive measures to curb such attacks on nation.

The whole setup has to be changed.

V.P.Singh Passes away!

It may be the dark day for India.Terrorists strike Mumbai on one hand,on the other the former Prime Minister Of India V.P.Singh has passed away.Mr.Singh was the person who fought the reservation of the backward classes and achieved in that.A very big fighter.In his whole public life he has provided the maximum efforts to Congress and India.

A very good friend of TN CM Karunanidhi..Let his soul rest in peace.

As a result of Mumbai attacks,the Champions league matches which are going to be held from December 3 might be affected.The security concerns are considered and there is a chance of postponing the tournament.The first match which is going to be held in Mumbai on December 3 has been cancelled and the venue has been shifted to Bangalore.

This was the first news from the Champions League organiser.There might be change in Venues since, heavy rains lashes out Chennai and because of Security concerns in Mumbai.It also been said that the players are hestitating to participate in the tournament, especially the Australians.

The one day made a lot of change.The failure of Intelligence has caused several problems and India’s security is now questioned.Do not look this Mumbai attack in a narrow prism, as attack on religious issue.This attack was made on India and it has to replied strongly.