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The world is in thirst of peace.Bomb blasts everywhere around the world making our lives unsecured one.As this is going on, an heartbreaking incident happened in Guatemala.The most popular country of riots.The famous country for riots in south America,Guatemala has got another gruesome riot in its prison.According to the reports there was a clash between the two groups in the prison and serious clash broke out between the inmates itself.In this riot 7 prisoners head were been chopped off by the other group and their bodies were burnt.The chopped head were kept on and a prisoner kicked off the head like a ball.The video was taken lively and it was heartbreaking.
It is said that Guatemala is the place where most number of riots happen.The prisoners were being mostly convicted in the smuggling and drug handling cases.The way the people involved in this issue was really wild as if they dont have six senses.They are compared to the animals and they dont deserve to be in prison.They should be hanged until death.something has to be done.
The prison is to change the mind of the accused ones and to have a disciplined life.But these activities seems that, the prisoners are very liberal inside the prison and the well equipped police personnel could not take action these people.
We are humans and not animals.Ecology is a balanced one,and no animal kills it’s race.The humans are the only living being kills their race just for their individual satisfication.

Lets pray for peace around the globe…


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The President and the President-elect of United States had a meeting in White House.This is  First visit of Obama to White house after being elected as President of United States.Both the greats spoke for 2 hours.Bush assured Obama about his full co-operation in a smooth tranisition and the talks were about the critical economic condition and the security challenges in the nation.Bush already mentioned that the election and the formation of new government could become an advantage for the Extremists and they may involve in the anti social activities.In the meeting Bush was saying all the issues related to Iraq and Afghanistan and also about the economic conditions.Bush also took Obama to the white house office and also to the Lincoln’s Bedroom.When asked about their meeting, it was said that, a friendly meeting.

Both came out and waved their hands to the camera.The Democrat already revealed some of his plans about the nations economy and hope he could get some ideas from Bush;

The first lady Laura Bush and Michelle Obama had a walk and went to the President’s Residence.The meeting between Bush and Obama held at oval’s office.

Obama said he was “gratified by the invitation” to meet with the president and his wife

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Lets Hope that the new President of America brings peace and prosperity for the whole world.


Barack Obama was elected the nation’s first black president of United States.

 Tuesday night in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.The 47-year-old Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his victory by defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in a string of wins in hardfought battleground states – Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Iowa.

A huge crowd thronged Grant Park in Chicago to cheer his improbable triumph and await his first public speech as president-elect.


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Another disaster puts pakistan on Stand Still, “Earth Quake” which killed Nearly 160 people, leaving 16000 homeless in southwestern part of pakistan,Balochistan. The magnitude of siesmic energy released was 6.4 on richter scale,  Which is destructive (Poorly built structures,mud houses, trees got destroy and even the vetenaries got affected.It was early morning when the quake hit and there was totally two tremors and both of them were heavy ones scaled in the richter level as 4.5 and 5.8 richter scale.

According to the report more than 160 people were killed and it is feared that there might be more people died and get struck into the debris.Many lost their homes in  minutes.The Ziarit and Phisin areas were much affected.When the first tremor hit, people went into panic and ran out of their homes.But since it was early morning many were sleeping and there werent any way to alert the people.Some people fired some shots in the air and addressed through the mics in the mosques to make an alert.But when the second tremor hit, it was all over, much damage has been done and more people killed.The whole Balochistan was howling and noises all over the place.The rescue operations were been called off and army is into the act.More and more bodies are being recovered from the meshap.It is very sad that this is place was already been affected because of the domestic violence and this earth quake may be big one for the people residing over here.

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Democrat Barack Obama, before a record 100,000-plus crowd, rebuked his Republican rival John McCain for saying he shared the same ”philosophy” as unpopular President George W Bush. 

Just nine days before the presidentialelection, Obama again attempted to shackle McCain to Bush’s unpopular Republican economic legacy and tried to rebut attacks on his own tax policy. 

Denver police estimated his crowd at well over 100,000, as people stretched as far as the eye could see, breaking Obama’s previous domestic record crowd, also of 100,000, in St. Louis, Missouri earlier this month. 

“Just this morning, Senator McCain said that actually he and President Bush ’share a common philosophy,’” Obama said. 

“That’s right, Colorado. I guess that was John McCain finally giving us a little straight talk, owning up to the fact that he and George Bush actually have a whole lot in common,” Obama said. 

Obama then listed what he saw as deficiencies of the McCain-Bush philosophy, which encapsulated his main campaign themes heading into the election on November four as America battles its deepest economic crisis since the 1930s. 

He said “the Bush-McCain philosophy” gave tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations and justified spending 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq “while the Iraqi government sits on a huge surplus and our economy is in crisis.” 

“We can’t have another four years that look like the last eight. It is time for change in Washington,” Obama said.

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One of China’s most prominent human rights activists, Hu Jia, has won the European Parliament’s prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.Mr. Hu, an advocate for environmental and HIV/AIDS causes, used the Internet to report and distribute information about alleged abuses in China in the lead up to this year’s 2008 Beijing Olympics. In April, the 35-year-old was sentenced to a three and half year prison sentence for “inciting subversion against the state.”Hu did dedicate much of his time to raising awareness of AIDS and environmental issues in China. Hu Jia and 42 Chinese intellectuals signed an open letter entitled “One World, One Dream: Universal Human Rights”, calling for more attention to human rights in China. On 6 September 2007, he and his lawyer, Teng Biao, published another open letter, “The Real China and the Olympics“, detailing the situation of human rights in the run-up to the OlympicsThe Chinese responsed harshly to the announcement of EUas “We express strong dissatisfaction to the decision by the European Parliament to issue such an award to the jailed criminal in China, in disregard of China’s repeated representations,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told reporters. “It also violates universally recognized rules in the world, which is countries should treat each others as equals and respect each other.” For all the work he’s done, Hu Jia remains relatively unknown in China today, although he is a favourite posterboy for Chinese dissidents among EU lawmakers because he once addressed the European Parliament via webcam while he was under house arrest. Next week’s EU-China summit in Beijing will be a fun one to watch.

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India’s next target in IT business is Japan and Japan could be the best alternative for United States.We are just exporting only 2 % of software to Japan on the other hand we are exporting 90% to United states.

Japanese IT services market at $108 billion is the second largest in the world with India’s share in the market being 1 to 1.5 billion. Offshoring is limited to 8-10 per cent of the total market with China being the biggest offshoring partner, accounting for over 50 per cent of the total offshoring. NASSCOM and PricewaterhouseCoopers have released a report on Japan titled Opportunities for Indian IT Industry: Japan. The report presents key opportunities and outlines potential strategies for Indian IT companies to tap the $108 billion Japanese market.

As per the report, a key element for Japan to retain its competitiveness in the global market would need the proactive effort by Japanese government and industry to break the traditional models and they would have to reach out. They would need to embrace globalisation, accept the advantages of outsourcing and find ways to open up service businesses with countries like India. 

Japanese business houses would have to view IT as strategic enabler, rather than a cost centre. They would also have to re-look at their current hierarchical structure of IT service providers to bring in best practices in domain, technology and service delivery, further adds the report.

Embedded systems development and engineering and R&D services are the prospective quick win service offerings for Indian vendors. Application development and maintenance are the next big opportunities. Increased willingness by Japanese companies to adopt packaged products over custom development in the wake of global competition. This offers implementation opportunities for Indian companies, says the report.

The report also points out that setting offshore development centre in China is another strategy as China is currently a preferred location for outsourcing low-end development work by Japanese clients due to its cultural and geographical proximity.

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